shukaku_by_xuzumaki-d4k89r9.pngShukahu, the one tailed beast.

It was believed that he was the vengeful spirit of an old monk that had been sealed within a tea kettle. Of all of the tailed beast he was the first to have had his name revealed.

Shukaku is the one tailed beast and the jinchūriki who hosts him will suffer insomnia and develop dark black circles around their eyes. Shukaku also pushes his hosts to become emotionally unstable.

He looks as if he is made up of mounds of sand and covered in strange blue markings. He boasts one large single tail. His abilities allow him to control chakras such as wind and earth, and can use them either offensively by spitting out projectiles, or defensively by covering itself in an impenetrable layer of sand.

He has a long standing rivalry with the nine tailed beast, Kurama because Kurama believes the number of tails each beast has determines the amount of power that the beast will have. Thus he calls the nine tails, “stupid fox”.

While he hates almost all humans, he liked Bunpuku because he treated him with respect and never blamed him. Shukaku also eventually warms up to Gaara.

As the only tailed beast not to have given Naruto a portion of his chakra while sealed in the Six Paths of Pain, Gaara (his  jinchūriki) had to pull him out himself.

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