aries.jpgAries the White Lamb.

With pink hair, big brown eyes and docile pleasing nature Aries is the shiest of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Her zodiac key is currently owned by Lucy Heartfillia. Her key was previously owned by Karen Lilica.

Her clothing that is white and fluffy as well as wool-like. She also has a small pair of twisted horns on her head.

Aries has a high tenancy for apologizing for almost everything, whether she is at fault or not.

Aries is a sweet spirit and really appreciates Lucy as an owner as well as how kind Lucy is. Despite being scared easily, Aries is an obedient steller spirit and willing to fight for her owner.

Aries magic allows her to manipulate and create pink wool at will. Her wool is used to cover opponents. Anyone caught in her wool is distracted and becomes really relaxed. Her wool can be used for defense as well as used to obscure the view of enemies.

Despite her personality and appearance Aries is quite skilled with hand to hand combat.

eclipse_aries_63939Eclipsed Aries is almost entirely opposite to the original Aries. Her skin is tanned, her hair becomes long and slightly unkempt and also has tattoos. Being Eclipsed did a 180 on her personality. She becomes incredibly rude, sadistic and volatile. She also shouts for people to beg for forgiveness and takes pleasure from the thought of harming people.






Anime: Fairy Tail

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