ANIMAREAL is an art project that focuses on bringing beloved characters from anime and manga to life. They create drastic realizations of both Anime and Manga characters.

The people over at ANIMAREAL understand that the fans have a strong desire to see anime characters in real life.

The name ANIMAREAL comes from combining the words anime and real. They have Japan’s cutting-edge creators gathered and focused on bringing our beloved Anime and Manga characters to life through sculpting and photography.

Visit and like their Facebook page by clicking here or pop over to their website by clicking here.

I am sure you will agree that these images are really honestly and truly are amazing. Ever since I found the first image I have been hooked and following them to see the amazing images they put out.

Here are but a few images that they have created:

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The members of ANIMAREAL are:

    • ICHI
Role: CEO / Graphic Artist


    • Ichiro Takase

Role: Photographer

    • Lisa Nakamura

Role: Costume Designer / Make up Artist

    • Uno Masatomo

Role: 3DCG Artist

    • Naoko Takeoka

Role: Make up Artist

    • Tadasuke Takegawa

Role: Video Artist

    • Kousuke Nakamura

Role: Costume Designer

    • Emiko Hikita

Role: VFX Artist

    • Keiichiro Suzuki

Role: Graphic Artist

    • Rie Ogawa

Role: Graphic Artist

    • Shigehiro Fukuda

Role: Acount Manager

    • Nanako Kitaura

Role: Project Manager

I would love to hear your thoughts on the artwork created by ANIMAREAL. Please feel free to comment.

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