Manga that continues after the anime

I know the pain of an anime ending without knowing whether it will continue or not. I also know that there is some uncertainty whether the story continues. Below are anime that have ended in a way that concludes the story so it seems complete. However the anime listed below, their stories are not complete and their adventures continue on in their manga counterparts.

1 Bleach


Anime episodes: 366
Current manga chapter: 657

The anime ended on episode 366 which was chapter 476 of the manga. A lot happens after the end of the anime adaption. The manga offers up new story lines and characters, while still maintaining the excitement of Bleach. The manga adds depth to the characters that the anime lacks and the continuing story line is a good read.

Manga Status: Ongoing

2 Blue Exorcist


Anime episodes: 25
Current manga chapter: 74

The anime ends on episode 25 which is chapter . However the manga and anime ‘split’ during episode 15. In the manga this is at the end of chapter 13. The manga offers up various plots and twists as it follows the twins on their adventures.

Manga Status: Ongoing

3. The President Is A Maid


Anime episodes: 26
Current manga chapter: 85.1

The anime ends at chapter 34 which is just the start of their relationship. The manga then follows the couple as they work together to overcome unforeseen obstacles that come their way.

Manga Status: Completed

4. Deadman Wonderland


Anime episodes: 12
Current manga chapter: 57

The anime leaves out some characters that make it impossible for a season 2, so to carry on the story you need to read the manga. The anime ends with chapter 21. However it would be better to read this one from the first chapter so as not to miss the ‘new’ characters. Plus there are some aspects that the anime added in that don’t feature in the manga. Even though there are these changes the anime did stick closely to the manga.

Manga Status: Ongoing

5. Say I Love You


Anime episodes: 13
Current manga volume: 50

The anime ends on an episode that doesn’t feature in the manga. However the anime ends on chapter 28. However this is another manga that would be good to read from chapter 1. The anime does stick to the manga closely but there are things that it doesn’t cover like the complicated relationship Mei had with her father and you also meet Yamato’s brother.

Manga Status: Ongoing

There you have it. If you would like to read the above manga but don’t know where, you can click here.

If you know of any manga that continues on after the anime, I would love to know! I will be doing more of these posts as I am aware that there are plenty of animeย that don’t carry on with the manga.

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*All information correct at time of publishing

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