Celestial Wizards

Celestial wizards use a holder type magic that allows them to summon celestial spirits. The celestial wizard does this by opening dimensional gates through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. There are two classifications for the keys. You get silver keys which are really common and then you get the golden keys which are really rare. There are only twelve golden keys. Celestial wizards count the amount of keys they have collected in Units and are noted according to how many Units they have managed to obtain.


However there are rules when summoning spirits. When the wizard gets a key and opens its respective gate to summon the celestial spirit for the first time, the wizard and spirit need to make a contract. The contract covers which days the spirit can and cannot be summoned. This contract acts as the basis for the bond between the wizard and celestial spirit. During certain circumstances, like a fight,  a spirit may be summoned for the first time and have it agreed that the contract will be settled later.

Broken_CS_contract.jpgContracts are broken only when the wizard is arrested, dies or releases the contract themselves. Otherwise the celestial spirit is bound to the contract. When the spirit is summoned, the gate is opened next to the wizard, thus making it impossible to summon the spirit elsewhere. All celestial wizards must make a contract with the spirits.


Being bound by the contract the spirits must also listen to certain rules that are enforced by the spirit king. The only know rule so far is that a Spirit may not directly or indirectly kill its contracted wizard under any circumstances.

Celestial spirits and the celestial wizard work together, as the wizard get stronger with their magic the celestial spirit also gets stronger.

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