Agent of the Shinigami

  • Episode 1 – 20
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Category: Anime, Bleach


This is the very first arc of the anime Bleach. Here we meet Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15 year old high-schooler who can see and communicate with ghosts. His world gets turned upside down when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami (deathgod/soulreaper). Surprised that Ichigo can vlcsnap-2016-01-31-12h55m36s119.pngsee her, Rukia explains the difference between normal spirits and Hollows. During her explanation Ichigo’s house is attacked by a Hollow. Despite Rukia’s restraints Ichigo fights to go help his two sisters and father. Ichigo confronts the monstrous hollow and is rescued by Rukia. From rescuing Ichigo Rukia is no longer able to fight and turns Ichigo into a substitute shinigami.

ichigo-and-friends-on-bleach.jpgIchigo accidentally took all of Rukia’s spirit energy forcing her to done a fake body and join him in class. He helps her with her duties eliminating hollows. Since becoming a shinigami strange things have started to happen to Ichigo’s friends. Through various events it is revealed that his close friends have been affected by his overflowing spiritual energy.

They can now, sense and see ghosts while some of them develop unique abilities. It is also discovered that a fellow classmate is a Quincy, who views shinigami as enemies. Through a bizarre twist Rukia is arrested and taken back to Soul Society to await trial.  While trying to save Rukia Ichigo loses his shinigami abilities.

Racing against time, Ichigo searches for a way to regain his powers while unbeknownst to him his friends are also secretly training to improve their abilities so that they may go with to rescue Rukia.

This arc introduces the main characters that are focal to the story line, along with a talking cat and a weird shop owner there are children, close bonds of friendship, an overly attached and childish father and so many more unique and charming characters.   The first arc, Agent of the Shinigami use three different theme music. There is one opening and two ending songs. The opening theme is “Asterisk” by Orange Range. Then for the first 13 epidodes the ending song was “Life is Like a Boat” by Rie Fu. The final seven episodes of this arc were ended with “Thank You” by Home Made Kazoku.

If you want to listen to the songs click on their names below.

  1. Asterisk
  2. Life is Like a Boat
  3. Thank You

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