The Heavenly Scales

libra___celestial_spirit_by_kukunia92-d5v1f62.pngDark hair styled to look like ox horns and a curvaceous figure, she wears a green outfit that resembles a belly dancers clothing.  Her bikini top is frilled and has yellow stripes. Her skirt has a pair of pom poms on each side and has a single yellow stripe running horizontally near the edge of the skirt to match the bikini stripes. Her arms and legs have many bangles and her neck is concealed by a thick necklace. Concealing her face is a white cloth tied around her face. The cloth has her sign on it. Libra carries around a pair of scales that dangle from her hands on thin cords that run from her fingertips to the side of the scales.

Libra is a very calm and serene spirit. She hardly speaks and is very quick to follow the orders of her Celestial Wizard.

Libra_pierde_equilibrio.pngWhen Libra is eclipsed her clothing changes drastically. She now wears gold thigh high boots and a black, spandex suit that covers her entire body. Instead of her neat black hair it is now green and wild almost resembling flames burning from a torch. Her black suit also covers her neck, red eyes and ears. Her symbol is etched over her eyes.

Her eclipsed self is rather talkative and cryptic. She likes to refer to balance often and explaining that everything has an “in-between”. She shows a malicious side as she takes joy in the thought of Yukino (her key holder) plummeting to her death.






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