“The Maiden”

New-Anime-Fairy-Tail-Virgo-Maid-Cosplay-Costume.jpgVirgo’s appearance matches that of a maids. She wears a black dress with a white apron. On each wrist she has shackles with a bit of chain hanging off.She has short pink hair and big blue eyes. Virgo has the ability to change her form according to her “master’s” preference.

She is very stiff and haste in her movements and is very loyal and obedient to her owner

Virgo is quick but stiff in her movements. She is devout loyal to her owner. She enjoys calling Lucy ‘Princess’ (Hime).  She also has a masochistic side often asking Lucy for punishment after she has done something, whether what she has done is right or wrong.

Virgo_Eclipse.PNGWhen Virgo is eclipsed her whole outfit changes. Instead of a maid’s uniform she wears militaristic-inspired clothing. She trades in the dress for a black jacket with gold-colored edges that is very open, revealing her chest. She wears a dark brown belt with the symbol of the Virgo constellation on the buckle, around her waist. A pair of handcuffs hangs off of her belt. She wears a black mini skirt to match her jacket. Underneath the skirt she wears white tights and a pair of black thigh-high heeled boots The outfit is completed by a pair of white gloves and white collar-styled choker. Unlike the other celestial spirits, Virgo keeps her main form where only her personality and outfit change.

Eclipse Virgo is a loud, aggressive and sadistic spirit that tends to speak of punishment. She no longer wants to be punished, but rather she wants to do the punishing. She finds joy in torturing others and hearing their screams. She even claimes that hearing them scream the word ‘stop’ excites her. When she sees others in pain or even just imagines others in pain she has a tendency to lick her lips, like she finds it “delicious.” Whilst she is rather fond of pain, Eclipse Virgo dislikes being on the receiving end. In battle, whenever someone interferes, Virgo becomes irritated and asks them to refrain from interrupting.



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