Subbing Anime

So what is a subbed anime exactly?

Subbed anime is anime that is still in it’s original language (usually Japanese) that have had subtitles put in after it has been translated into the language of your choice. 

Subbed Anime Dictionary

The subbing of anime takes a lot of work.

It requires translators who spend hours translating the episodes so that those of us who don’t know Japanese can also watch the episode. Depending on the person or company subbing there will also be another person who goes over what the translator has put down as subtitles to make sure that the sentences make sense.

There are times where it is painfully obvious there wasn’t someone checking the work, the misinterpretations can be amusing, confusing or just plain awkward. 


 Then there will also be another person who times the subtitles. This is so that they make sure they go up when the correct person speaks and stay up long enough for you to read the full sentence. 

Then there might be another person who actually operates the program for putting the subtitles into the anime. This person will then be in charge of the style, colour and size of the font to control how easy it is to read. 

The subbers work hard  to translate the anime for those who watch the subbed versions. It takes many hours to make sure that it is done properly. There is usually a team of people working together to get the episodes done in a timely manor. Sometimes the teams can be just two people or more. However there are a few subbers that do all of the work alone.

There are programs that can automatically translate the episode, however they are not always accurate.  




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