The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai

  • Episodes: 22
  • 168 – 189
  • Original run: April 23, 2008 – October 7, 2008

Picture1.pngThe ninth arc follows the story of a new captain and a princess. Kasumiōji Rurichiyo suddenly appears in the human world with her two attendants, Kenryuu and Enryuu. Kenryuu is the main speaker of the two attendants, often translating the gestures of Enryuu. The three of them have left Soul Society in hopes of getting aid from Ichigo.  Unbeknownst to Ichigo his new neighbor is a princess in line to inherit her family fortune and title.

The princess is being targeted. With her life on the line Ichigo steps in and helps to protect her from the various assassins that attack. Ichigo charges his way straight into the murky waters of a political plot all the while trying to rescue the princess who has gone missing. Whilst trying to find her, Ichigo breaks into the manor and interrupts a royal wedding quickly making himself an enemy of the secret service and the 13 protection squads once again.


During the disappearance of the princess we are introduced to the new captain of the 3rd squad, Shūsuke Amagai. Once he became captain he quickly pointed out that the 13 squads did not know how to work together and proposed joint training so that the squads would be able to work as a solid unit and make up for each others weaknesses and utilize their strengths.

As the third squad tries to rebuild their name and earn the trust and respect of the other squads, their lieutenant, Kira, is suspicious of the new third seat, Kifune, who seems to have mysterious dealings with the royal Kasumiōji clan.

The episodes use three pieces of theme music. There is one opening theme and two closing theme songs. The only opening theme is “Chu-Bura” by Kelun. The first of the closing themes is “Orange” by Lil’B, used for episodes 168  – 179. The next closing theme is “Gallop” by pe’zmoku, used for the remainder of the episodes.

This is another ‘filler arc’ full of plot twists and intrigue. There are also plenty of fights and the introduction of a few new characters. There are amusing bits and some of the arc feels pointless (other than the fact that it is pure filler). A few of the fight scenes are good and some are meh. It is quite a political arc that has parts that are well thought out and others that felt a bit anti-climactic. Sure the end of this arc was unexpected, however the plot twist was weak and leaves a dissatisfied taste in the mouth. It also came across slightly as if the writers of this arc were just looking for a way to finish up the arc and make it go full circle instead of adding the depth or a proper ending that it deserved.




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