The end of Fairy Tail 2016

Yes really, season 2 of Fairy Tail ended on the 26th March 2016. I was caught off guard and kept checking to see if episode 103 was out yet always to be disappointed. So I decided to see what was happening and sadly the second season has officially ended. An amazing 102 episodes since the first episode of season 2 released on the 5th April 2014. It has been a good two years of weekly episodes. Combining the second season and the first season’s episodes there are 277!

However, I doubt this is the end of the animated version since the manga does continue on afterwards so there is still hope. It will probably start up again next year. At least I hope it does.



The second season covers a variety of arcs. It covered the end of the Grand Magic Games arc. It covered the end of the games and revealed the secret behind needing the twelve gold zodiac keys.

Then we watched the fall out from Eclipse affected the celestial spirits leaving it up to a small group to help the twelve zodiac spirits regain their memories.

Then a request from the fourth-ranked Wizard Saint, Warrod Sequen arrives asking for Gray and Natsu’s help. Once meeting with him the duo, along with Lucy, Erza, Wendy and of course Happy and Carla make their way to Sun village to see if they can help free the giants who live there escape from the Ice entombing them.

The Sun Village arc leads to the Tartarous arc which starts with a full-blown attack on the magic council. Fairy Tail takes matters into their own hands and quickly get swept into an all-out battle against the dark guild, Tartarous

We also got to see the creation of Fairy Tail in the Zerø arc. It is also a manga all on its own, with 13 chapters, called Fairy Tail Zerø. This arc starts with Natsu and Happy starting their Training journey and carries on with Mavis and her story of heartbreak and moving towards a brighter future.

Then just as I thought a new arc was beginning with Natsu and Lucy heading out to get the guild back together the anime ends with the beginning of the Avatar arc.

What are your thoughts or feelings about the end of the second season?


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