The Goat


A tall humanoid, Capricorn towers over his fellow spirits. He has a face like a goats complete with two horns and ears. His body is covered in white fur with long tufts on his face. The back of his legs look like goats legs, being slightly bent backwards and ending in dark hooves.His ears are thin and short. He has a tail that starts from his lower back and it ends in a dark tuft of fur. His eyes are hidden by a pair of black,  polished glasses.He wears a black twin tailed tuxedo with a grey waistcoat and a grey tie.

Capricorn is loyal to his celestial wizard, Lucy. He is incredibly respectful towards her and calls her with the honorific ‘-sama’ when addressing her. He appreciates Lucy’s thought that magic is based on love. He is a skilled teacher and has a fondness for writing poems and reciting them.


Capricorns appearance changed drastically when he was eclipsed. He turned into a small, normal, long-horned goat with who stands on his back hooves. His fur has gone from being white to black. He has lost his glasses and his eyes are small, black and round with white pupils. He still wears a tuxedo, however it is now gold and made to fit his body; the undershirt is white. He also wears gold shoes that have the symbol of the Capricorn constellation on them. Instead of hands he has hooves.

Eclipsed Capricorn replaced his love of poetry with a love of quiz games. He is also arrogant and at time rude.



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  1. Whilst I thought the eclipsed zodiac arc was just rubbish, the quiz with him against Levy was just hilarious. Especially when she had to admit in having feelings for Gajeel.

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