Bleach, the end is near

The time draws near…when all the stories…come to their end…Just (?) more chapters!!

These words shook my world. I know Bleach was rumored to end last year already but I happily continued reading the manga, never wanting the story to really end. I think I would be happy with arc after arc of various story lines. But I know all good things must eventually come to an end and as such Bleach must as well.

000.jpgThis announcement came with the release of Bleach chapter 830. It’s true that things are heating up in the manga and things are coming to a close with quite a few oh my word moments. I like the fact that the number in the image is blocked out. To me that means that they are giving themselves to move and not giving a definitive cut off point. It also means we can not predict when it will end, just that an end is now officially coming.  However Bleach has been running for 10 years, so that could still mean we have a while before the proper finale. I just hope that it has been well thought through, but I am sure Tite will not let us down. 

On the up side, once the manga is officially complete we may get an answer to all the loose end rumours of the continuation of the anime since the main rumour is that they are waiting for the completion of the manga before continuing the anime. Either way the end brings about mixed emotions from trepidation to anticipation.

Psst, my opinion it looks like the blocked out number could be double digits, what do you think? How do you think Tite Kubo is going to end Bleach? Also do you have any guess as to when?



Your thoughts?

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