Can You Sleep At Night Lyrics

Here is Ajin’s season one intro song, Can You Sleep At Night? (Yaru wa Nemureru kai?). It was preformed by Flumpoo.

The Song:

The Lyrics:

Can you sleep deeply? Did your wounds heal?
Just because you get lonely at night
Don’t go around wrecking yourself with anything you get your hands on

Have you tried dying without knowing?
Of dreams, or if stars cry
Have you hidden it well?
Have you concealed your breathing?

Just because it’s painful now
Don’t force yourself to change
Even brave barbarians, or worried lambs
Make detours just to survive

Yeah, Yeah, so that you don’t stand out
Yeah, Yeah so that you can withstand it all
Yeah, Yeah so that your train of thought doesn’t stop
Tonight run away run away

It feels unbelievable, someone grasp my hand
Even if the tomorrow I can’t see doesn’t come, it’s alright
Right now, I want to sleep.

What do you think of this opening song?

If you have any anime intro or ending songs that you would like featured in a similar post let me know.


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