Ah, I can feel the indecision creeping in. All the anime I have ever watched flashed through my brain. Some are quite easy to dismiss and others linger.

Anime such as The Devil is a Part-timer, Itazura na Kiss, The president is a maid, Angel Beats, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, Death Note and so many others. I am bad with committing to a single favourite. I was leaning towards doing a few favs according to various genres but that would lead to a post that was way too long. So I did the impossible (for me anyway) and chose just three according to anime length, meaning the number of episodes. To me, a short anime is no longer than 30 episodes and a medium episode is any anime that has under 100 episodes. Leaving the 100+ as the long-running anime.

My Favourite Anime That I Have Watched:

Favourite Short anime


Assassination Classroom quickly became a favourite of mine. I know when you add each season’s episodes together it is above 30 episodes but each season has under 30. I love the characters and how they all work together and use their differences to achieve their goals. Plus I enjoy the twists and turns in the plot as the kids struggle to assassinate their teacher. However, the reason they need to kill their teacher is sad and how it ends is also tragic.

Favourite medium length anime


Soul Eater is a great anime that I often go back to. The wacky humour completely appeals to me. Death the Kid’s obsession with symmetry I understand. I have a slight obsession with how things need to be packed and where they belong so I get his tendencies. I enjoy their rivalries and the way that they can also work together. I will be honest, I tend to skip through the episodes with Excalibur.

Favourite long anime


Funny, action-packed, adventure, magic, decent plots, great characters and good artwork, what more could you ask for? Fairy Tail even has great music! Yes, some of the arcs are a little drawn out and their antics over the top but that is part of the whole charm of Fairy Tail.

Wow, I am amazed I managed to bring it down to three! For the long anime, I was really torn, I kept thinking of Bleach, InuYasha, Naruto, Dragon Ball and the like. However, after much deliberation, I finally picked Fairy Tail. Now I am curious about what your favourite anime that you have watched so far is?


5 thoughts on “Fav anime I have watched so far…

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  1. My favourite “shorter” anime is Death Note, and my favourite long anime is One Piece! OP is probably the only show I’m willing to watch all the fillers for (I tend to skip Naruto Shippuden filler arcs). XD I love One Piece so much haha~ My room is full of OP stuff. XD DN is still number one though – I’m even wearing one of my Death Note necklaces right now.

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