Anime that I am ashamed I enjoyed

I know in general there are no anime that you should feel ashamed for watching but there are. Whether it is due to the reputation of the show like Boku no Pico (if you don’t know this one, I advise you research with caution) or the art work or just because of your own personal image.

This one was difficult for me to answer and I am not really sure what makes me ashamed of any anime I have watched. It is probably decided by the anime reputation and whether I can watch it openly in front of my parents and talk about with friends.

The anime I can admit I am ashamed I enjoyed is One Punch Man. The art work was so much better than I had anticipated and there is a lot more to this anime than what the name implies. This anime seems to be one of those you either love or hate. I thought I would be one of the haters and I was, up until episode 3.


Then I really got a new appreciation for the show and the characters. It was a bit of an eye opener since I had judged the show before I had watched it. One of my favourite characters, Speed of Sound Sonic, comes from One Punch Man and I would not have been able to meet him if I had not watched this.


So why am I ashamed that I enjoyed One Punch Man? Well every time I explain this anime to someone I get this weird look as if they are asking if I really enjoyed the anime. I was also part of those shaking my head sadly at those raving about this anime; I mean how good could this anime possibly be if the main character only needs to punch the bad guy once to defeat him?  Even my brother looks at me sadly when I bring up One Punch Man (no, he hasn’t watched it).

Either way I can’t deny that I enjoyed the anime and I can’t deny that I had judged it prematurely. I had thought that it was over hyped and would have a weak plot with OP characters with no depth.  I am so glad I was wrong. Yet I am annoyed that I enjoyed it at the same time. Now I have stopped bringing up One Punch Man and keep it as a guilty pleasure.

Thus ends the fifth post for the challenge. What anime are you ashamed that you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below! To know more about the challenge click here.

5 thoughts on “Anime that I am ashamed I enjoyed

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  1. Hahaha Boku no Pico XD “search in caution” hell yes. I did enjoyed One Punch Man and I don’t even know why. There no real plot line. It’s mainly Saitama who kick character ass with Genos who try to understand how his “master” become that strong. I mostly watched it cause of the fighting scene even if some of them are quite short. Thanks to Saitama one punch.

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  2. There’s probably too many in my list of anime I’m ashamed I enjoyed at this point. Mostly because I tend to like some random things even when I know from a critical point of view aren’t very good.

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