Dropping an anime, why?

There is a lot of anime out there and I mean a lot. So obviously not all anime will appeal to everyone and not everyone will like every anime. However, most anime fans will grit their teeth and suffer through an anime they don’t enjoy (especially us reviewers) all in the vain hope that it will get better with the next episode. Then the anime will end and you look back and realise that you have just wasted your precious time that you could have used to watch something that you would have actually enjoyed.


I hate dropping an anime but I despise and loath wasting my time, especially since my time is really limited so I usually plan out what I am going to watch and when depending on anime length, release date, popularity and my own interest. So for me dropping an anime is a big decision but usually, I feel so much better after making the decision of sticking with it or to ditch it entirely. So why, when and should an anime be dropped?


For me, an anime is dropped when I find myself delaying watching the next episode or when I find every excuse to pause the episode and do other things. That is usually the main indicator to move onto something else. However, there are other reasons to drop an anime. Sometimes the plot is so bad and obvious that there is no point in watching it, or the characters are just one dimensional and I’m not talking about the artwork. There is also one voice over artist that I cannot stand, and if they voice the main character, I just can’t. However, then I will try the dubbed version just in case.

Dropping an anime always leaves me feeling a little guilty and upset. Silly I know, however, I know how much work goes into producing an anime and at the same time I can’t help but feel disappointed. However sometimes an anime does need to be dropped, each person has their own criteria and reasoning for abandoning an anime. Will you drop an anime? Why will you leave an anime?

As for me, there are various anime that I have left behind and not looked back, eg. Lucky Star. As for an anime I wish I had dropped, Bokura Ga Ita if you have read my review you know why.


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  1. I used to hate dropping anime (or any story) after I’d started it, but I’ve definitely gotten to the point where I know I can spend my time better rather that continuing to watch something that isn’t interesting. That said, I continue to hold onto some shows for too long and then feel obligated to finish them (Taboo Tattoo is a good example of that this season).

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