Top 10 characters

My birthday is coming up this month and as a result people have been asking me what I want and honestly I haven’t a clue. As such my best friend decided she will get creative and asked me who my favourite character was. Just one. That threw me for a loop, I mean how can I possibly pick just a single character when every anime I have ever watched has at least one character that I remember and have grown attached to? To put it in perspective I own 58 anime, and that is not the only anime I have seen. So yea to choose is really hard. Luckily my bestie is really understanding and said I could give her a list of my personal top 10. So below is my list and the characters are in no way numbered according to preference.

10 Levi Ackerman

Attack on Titan (41).jpg

Anime: Attack on Titan

9  Train Heartnetvlcsnap-2015-12-30-21h58m41s23.png

Anime: Black Cat

8 Ulquiorra


Anime: Bleach

7 Toshiro Hitsugaya


Anime: Bleach

6 Ichigo Kurosaki


Anime: Bleach

5 Gray Fullbuster


Anime: Fairy Tail

4 Tomoe


Anime: Kamisama Hajimamashita

3 Kakashi Hatake


Anime: Naruto

2 Yato


Anime: Noragami

1 Juuzou Suzuya


Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Well those are my top 10 (for now anyway). I had to cut so many characters that my heart is breaking and I wish I could have included them in the above list. Yes some of the blog title image has some of the ones I wish I could have included. The above characters are arranged in alphabetical order of their anime. What is your top 10 or ultimate fav character? I would love to know!


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