Favourite Fighter Anime

On a general basis I am not the biggest fan of action based shows and movies. However I do enjoy a bit of action that adds to the show rather than is the show. Like Dragon Ball those fights are way too long for my liking and they get drawn out over too many episodes. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the story but those fights bore me. I don’t really have a quota for judging my fav fighter anime. Thus my favourite fighter anime are Bleach and Attack on Titan. I know, I know, once again there are two.


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I love the fights in Bleach even though some of them do drag on. Basically every fight adds to the story and is full of tension and action. I would even say a lot of my favourite fights are from Bleach.  This is one of those anime where every other episode is a fight in one way or another. Bleach fights range from being action packed, comedic and full of tension. The characters are generally over powerful (OP) and they improve quite quickly.

Attack on Titan

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Attack on Titan battles are bloody, graphic and intense. So many characters die that you are left wondering who will die next and who will remain alive and if they live at what cost. Even though there are not that many fights in comparison to other action based anime the fights they do have are on a larger scale and tend to have a lot more going on. I like intricate battles where wrong moves do cost you.

Well those are my two favourites, what is yours? I would love to know. Thus ends the tenth post for the challenge. To know more about the challenge click here.




5 thoughts on “Favourite Fighter Anime

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  1. Pretty good pick Tessa :D. I was contemplating going with bleach as well, the fights are really good. AoT didn’t cross my mind xDD. But yeah the action sequence are pretty good too. Keep it up Tessa!!, you’re doing good!!.

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  2. I’d have to go with Bleach for a Fighter anime (though that is probably because I haven’t watched a huge number of fighter anime all the way through – that and really awesome swords).

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