Why go to rAge on a Friday?

I left my house with my friends at 9am on Friday all excited for rAge. This would be my first time going on a Friday, so I had no idea what to expect. I did not know if it would be busy or quiet or if the exhibitors would change over the weekend or even if the vibe would be different. I was also curious about the cosplay. Would the cosplayers be there or do they wait for Saturday and Sunday? Do they put as much energy and effort into the cosplay? Upon arrival I needed to split from my friends so that I could get my media pass.

However the day was even better than what I had expected. The cosplayers were plenty and wearing incredible costumes and the vibe was excited and up beat. The anime and manga related merchencide had me drooling and planning my budget for the rest of the weekend.

I really enjoyed Friday, it was so relaxed. It was mildly busy but everyone was easy going and excited because the weekend was just beginning. The vibe was good and you could easily access each exhibition and clearly see everything. For the exhibitions that you could interact with, like X-Box, you could basically play straight away or wait just five minutes.


Your thoughts?

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