Favourite Mech Anime

I thought this one would be hard for me, however this one did not present much challenge since I have not watched many anime containing mech. Although perhaps it is time I expand the number of mech anime I have watched.

Thus without further ado, my favourite mech anime is Eureka 7!

I really enjoyed this when I first watched it I don’t even know how long ago and parts of it always stuck with me. Then I got the chance recently to watch it again with a slightly older mind-set and I managed to understand some of the intricacies that went right over my head the first time I watched it.

I would have said Guilty Crown as well but I don’t really count that as a mech anime personally. :p

Well that is my fav mech anime, what is yours? I would love to know. Thus ends the eleventh post for the challenge. To know more about the challenge click here.

On a side note, what mech anime would you recommend?



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