Saddest Anime Scene

Warning this contains massive spoilers for:

  • Bleach
  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Chrono Crusade
  • Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
  • Your Lie in April
  • Tokyo Ghoul

Yes yes, I know, once again I could not choose a single one. However I did keep it under 10. The scenes below all broke my heart and left me asking why do the mangaka like doing this to us. Some of the scenes I saw coming, others came as a complete surprise.

Last time I am warning about the spoilers that the below hold! You can’t blame me if you continue to scroll down of your own accord!

Early warning, most of my saddest scenes are death scenes, although not all of them are. This post was rather depressing to write, however I am rather proud of it. Below are my saddest scenes from various anime.

maxresdefault-1I adored Lubbock in Akame Ga Kill. He was such an awesome character (even if he was a slight perv). I could relate to him, he was slightly eccentric, picked on in the group and an avid lover of books. I admired the way he left his wealth and title behind just so that he could follow the woman loved. His Imperial arms was epic and it always amused and fascinated me to see the way he could use it. It never occurred to me that he might run out of wire…guess that was careless on my part. However the way he died just seemed so cruel even though he did not seem to regret it at all. As if he saw his death as inevitable and worthwhile as long as Tatsumi could escape.

gin_2Ichimaru Gin, one of the most hated characters in Bleach. So much so that when he would come on screen you were creeped out by his closed eyes and mischievous smile. Then to have it turn around and thrown in your face and made clear that he is not a bad guy, but that he is actually one of the good ones that you need to root for. Looking back over the series all of his moves made sense, all in order to avenge his friend. I mean he even manipulated the paths in Hueco Mundo  so that Ichigo and the others would face opponents that suited their own unique fighting styles (if you had not realised that, you’re welcome). Then just as your heart goes out to him, he dies. I always hoped he would somehow be miraculously saved, but no. Watching that the first time I seriously cried. It was so sudden and yet I could not help it, my heart just bled for the guy.

e54f90f247d5bd64f284d7db7fe818531229517935_fullChrno Crusade without a doubt one of my favourite anime ever. However I prefer the ending in the manga than the one in the anime. The anime was just so friggen sad. I had been part of the fan club shipping the two of them, hoping they would get together, and then it ends with the two of them on a bench leaning on one another as they both enter that eternal slumber. I mean what the heck? I had just spent so much energy and time rooting for them to find her brother, stop the bad guys, realise their feelings for one another and find a way to live and I got most of that I know but the way that they both just died. Well it stuck with me and at the time I watched it I was around 14 or 15 and it hit a nerve. I found it incredibly sad and I still do.

jiraiya_last_words_by_thelostwoodss-d4derrhNaruto and Naruto Shippuden have so many deaths in it that break your heart. It was hard to basically pick just one. However one death in particular stood out for me. To be killed by the very children you, took in, cared for and taught that is harsh. Especially since they used the very techniques he taught them to kill him. This was another death that I hoped for a miraculous comeback, like you do, only to be disappointed and left heart broken. Of course I speak of none other than Ero-Sensei, Jiraiya.

maxresdefault-3Watching this scene I was originally slightly confused. At first I thought it was Kaneki Ken bleeding and then for it to be revealed that it was Hide, oh my word someone turned the faucet on and the water gushed from my eyes. I was left devastated while watching Hide make the coffee and reveal that he had known Kaneki’s secret all along and that he still accepted his friend even though he had become a ghoul. Then as if that wasn’t heart breaking enough we then had to watch as Kaneki walked with Hide’s body to where the humans were. That must have taken such unbelievable emotional strength. My heart shattered into so many tiny pieces right then. Those two scenes have stuck with me in ways I cannot really describe.

maxresdefault-2 Okay so Kaori’s death in Your Lie in April was not a shock, not one bit all thanks to social media. However the scene where she visits him and plays her violin with him as he plays his piano, the whole sentiment behind that scene, that was hauntingly beautiful. The way they matched up so well and harmonized together was stunning. Then it sunk in that that was their farewell. That on it’s own was really sad.

Well there are my 6 saddest scenes (so far)! What is your saddest scene?

With that I will conclude the twelfth post for the anime challenge. If you would like to know more about the anime challenge click here.


13 thoughts on “Saddest Anime Scene

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      1. I don’t really want to be specific, since the death itself is a humongous spoiler for what’s probably the most amazing episode of Anime I’ve ever seen, so I’ll name the series.

        Hunter X Hunter (2011). There’s a specific death near the end of the series that was so full of feels, I literally sat in awe for the best part of an hour contemplating what had just happened and how depressing it was.

        It was that moment that also made me realise I’d found my favourite anime of all time 😛

        Haha apologies for the rant, the series truly means a lot to me!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I highly recommend it!

        Just make sure you watch the 2011 version as it follows the manga perfectly and actually manages to get to an ending. Kind of like FMA: Brotherhood did!

        The old version from 1999 has lots of filler, bad animation and stops in the middle of the story!

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    1. I agree with Hughes, that was really sad! Masaoka was also sad but I accepted his death, it didn’t seem quite as bad since he died for his son.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What made Masaoka death worst to me is what he said to Ginoza. Their father/son relationship wasn’t really good, Ginoza even thought his father prefer Kogami over him. So when Masaoka said he was proud of him it just get me… Masaoka had to die to make Ginoza realize how much his father cared about him.

        Liked by 1 person

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