Kyō, Koi wo Hajimemasu

Yay I am finally getting around to doing my first manga review! I am really happy right now although I did just read this manga yesterday and finished it just a few hours ago. Like most of the manga I have read, I just stumbled upon it. It consumed me and I just had to finish the story. Luckily this story has been completed and I don’t have to wait for the weekly chapter releases. So before I say much more let me give you the facts.

  • Mangaka: Kanan Minami
  • Published by: Shogakukan
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Volumes/Chapters: 15 Volumes, 100 Chapters
  • English Title: Today, We’ll Start Our Love
  • Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
  • Release Date: February 2007 – February 2014
  • Does it have a series adaption? Yes it does, a two episode OVA under the same name.


Image result for today we start our love logoTsubaki Hibino is really talented when it comes to styling her sister’s hair but she has no confidence with her own hair believing that it does not suit her. She is a studious girl with an old fashioned style. She is unhappy with the high school that she is accepted into and even unhappier with the student who beat her in the test results and thus placing first in their grade ranking, Kyouta Tsubaki. She is instantly annoyed by his attitude and long hair. When she is teased by the top student, Kyouta Tsubaki, who shares the same name as her, she defiantly cuts his hair. Kyouta Tsubaki decides to make Tsubaki Hibino the new target of his bet, to get the girl to fall in love with him and then dump her. He tells her she must pay him with money and if she can’t afford it then she must pay with her body in return for cutting his hair. After which he kisses Tsubaki and boldly claims he will be taking all of her firsts.

Image result for Tsubaki LoveImage result for today we start our love logo







My Thoughts:

I adored this manga. There were highs and lows with sufficient drama without it being over bearing. It was easy to read and the art work is stunning and detailed. As I mentioned before, I read this quite quickly. I was drawn in and just had to know what would happen next.

As with most manga I was slightly disappointed with the end, not the way it ended but by how quickly and neatly it was all wrapped up. I had hoped to see a little more of their journey which just tells you that the story was really good. I didn’t want it to end. The characters are properly designed and their characteristics remain even as the characters grow and evolve learning how to work with one another. There are no obvious plot holes. The mangaka didn’t leave loose ends for which I was grateful. There were a few love interests which added to the whole story rather than it be an eye rolling ‘oh gee, another love triangle’ effect.

I would recommend this manga to those who enjoy the romance and slice of life genre. There are some graphic scenes but they are PG’d. You know what is happening without clearly seeing details. However these bits are few and far between.  This manga can also be found under the title ‘Tsubaki Love’.

Have you read this manga? Would you like to read this manga? I would love to know your thoughts so please let me know in the comments below (^^,)



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