Favourite Anime Sidekick, Animal & Summoning

For this post I am suppose to choose my favourite sidekick, animal or summoning, however I see them all separately. Thus I shall do one for each. Yes, I am limiting myself to a single one for each category.

Favourite Sidekick

Image result for anime genos

Genos is an amazing sidekick even if he mistakenly gets all the credit for Siatama’s hard work. He is loyal and hardworking. He has devoted himself to Saitama and to improving himself.

Favourite Animal


Frosch is by far my favourite exceed in Fairy Tail. He even quickly became my favourite anime animal, taking past Appa from Avatar: The Last Air Bender. A cat that thought it was a frog, and that is why he wears the pink frog costume. This little guy is so meek and naive, on the point of being stupid. How ever he will do what ever it is he can to protect those who are important to him. Plus he is just so cute!

Favourite Summoning

Image result for naruto pakkunMy fav is Kakashi’s summoning in Naruto, Pakkun. Despite his cute appearance, his voice is deep and gruff. He is very loyal to his allies and at times curses his inability to get more directly involved in battle. The heno-heno-moheji seal on the back of Pakkun’s jacket is a face that is drawn on scarecrows in Japan by children. The scarecrows are also called “Kakashi”, cool huh?

So which are your favourite anime Sidekick, Animal & Summoning? Please let me know in the comments below! Here ends my fifteenth post for the anime challenge! Thus I am officially half way done. I can not really believe it myself.  If you would like to know more about the anime challenge click here.


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