Best Supporting Male Character

Once again I could not just do a single character and I have mentioned these characters before but these guys have really stood out for me. In my own opinion they could be the main character although they do fullfil their role of the supporting character nicely. They always make sure that the main character stays on their path. The below three are even willing to become the ‘bad guy’ in order to make sure that the hero stays true.

Levi Ackerman

Image result for Levi Ackerman
Anime: Attack on Titan

Gray Fullbuster

Image result for Gray Fullbuster
Anime: Fairy Tail


Tadaomi Karasuma

Image result for tadaomi karasuma
Anime: Assassination Classroom

I really take my hat off to these three. I know I would struggle myself to go through half of what these three go through all for the ‘main character’ to not stray.

So now you know my favourite supporting male characters, I would love to know yours. Please tell me in the comments below. Here ends my seventeenth post for the anime challenge! If you would like to know more about the anime challenge click here.


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  1. Excellent choices. I really wish Gray had a more active role earlier in Fairy Tail because he’s one of my favourite characters and Karasuma made Assassination Classroom work. Everything else was so zany and crazy but he gave it the grounding it needed to really land some of the lines flying around. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Well when we first meet Gray he is clearly a weird guy, but I liked the way that his character was developed and shown but yea it would have been nice to have him be more present earlier on. Karasuma was reliable 🙂 I agree, without him who knows how Assassination Classroom would have worked out.

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