Most Epic Anime Scene

This one is hard for me to answer. I first needed to figure out what I thought epic could mean and there are a lot of ways this could be meant. It could be a tragic scene or a really funny scene. The scenes I chose probably won’t really be considered by many others or even thought of as epic. However these have stuck with me to the point when I think of these anime I cannot help but think of these scenes.

I will say now that the below does hold SPOILERS for One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul and Death Note. You have been warned so please don’t complain. The below are also listed in the order I have just mentioned.

The first scene comes from One Piece. It is time to say farewell to the Going Merry and Ussop is against it. To the point where he goes against Luffy, his captain. The scene in particular that I want to mention in this arc is the battle between Luffy and Ussop. The outcome was obvious, but what surprised me was the way Ussop actually managed to dominate the first part of the battle. Honestly it blew me. Even though he had all the odds stacked against him and he knew he would not win he still did all that he could possibly do. It just stuck with me even though there are much better battles and heartfelt stories.

The second scene is from Tokyo Ghoul root A and it is a two parter. It broke my heart when I watched this and realised what was happening, because yes it took a few seconds for the penny to drop. Hide is injured badly and is bleeding heavily. Even still, Hide is talking to Kaneki after making coffee. The way Hide goes on to explain how he had known all along that Kaneki had become a ghoul and that he was worried and wanted to help. Then when Kaneki walked holding Hide’s body, talk about heartache.

The third and final (at least the last one I shall mention) scene comes from Death Note when L dies and Light just watches him fall. As I watched that entire scene play out all I kept thinking was ‘just catch him’! That was all I wanted. I knew there was no saving L and at the very least I had hoped that Light would show L some affection and catch him! I mean they were in a weird way friends and they did respect one another. At least L had his answer in the end.  I was so happy when Light did catch him but then I was also let down by the gloating smile. It left with mixed feelings. It was such an iconic moment.

Well there you have it, three of the most epic anime scenes for me!

With that ends my nineteenth post to the challenge to which I am hopelessly behind in. If you would like to know more about the challenge click here. Otherwise I am very interested to know, what is the most epic anime scene, in your own opinion? Please let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Great post, I had to think a bit about a few favorite scenes of mine. One I would think is from the original Macross saga, where the Earth was surrounded by 4 million alien warships (I kid you not ) and was blasted back to pretty much the Stone Age. Talk about Epic 😂 Another that springs to mind is one of the first scenes of Attack on Titan. The first time I saw those monstrosities enter the town and wreak havoc, I was pretty much stunned 😀

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  2. I haven’t watched One Piece so I can’t comment on the first scene but agreed that both the Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul scenes are amazing. L’s end was the perfect culmination of some epic buildup and Hide’s death scene was heartbreaking.

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