Favourite Anime Purchase 2016

This year was one of my more expensive years regarding anime and manga. It was also the first year that I also received a lot of things to do with anime as presents, either for my Birthday or just as a general gift which I love!

However for the first time I really saved up money for rAge and went with every intent of buying something really worthwhile and that I would get actual use from. The first hour there I had already found my way into their cosplay area and instantly fell in love. Hanging on display was a Totoro hoodie. The stall had a lot of others but my eyes were instantly drawn in by Totoro. The ironic thing being I had not watched My Neighbor Totoro but I did know it. I cringed at the price when I first heard it and decided to leave it for the time being and see what else was on offer at rAge.

I lasted one whole day and then caved and went and got it. Do I regret it? Nope, not a single bit. The Saturday I bought it I went to a party that night and yes I did wear it and yes I did make people jealous. I love my friends! caesarapp_2016122914287483.jpg

Do you see those ears and tail? For me seeing the tail was like an instant ‘shut up and take my money’ moment. However I was smart and tried on the hoodie and all of the various sizes. Honestly the one I bought is a little too baggy, but I did factor in winter wear so I have ample room to layer up in the winter and be all cozy.


How cute is that?? See why I could not just leave it behind. If I had I know I would have regretted it. This is the very first hoodie I have purchased and the only one that is technically mine. The others I have pilfered from the boyfriend’s cupboard. My favourite part of this is that it is warm but light to wear. I am not a fan of ‘heavy’ clothing. Plus the ears and that tail just finish it off completely!

In case you are wondering, yes I wear it in public and do so proudly although I have noticed the odd stare or two but hey, in the place I go shopping I am not the weirdest, there is a lady who shops with a miniature monkey hiding in a scarf around her neck and behind her hair. The monkey is adorable!

Back to the hoodie, when I bought it I was smart enough to grab their business card. They are called Black Bunni and they do sell online as well which is good news since I have no idea if they have an actual shop located somewhere. Plus since I bought my hoodie I have learnt that my youngest cousin also enjoys anime which I learnt because she instantly recognised my hoodie which started a really nice long chat. Then about a week later she gave me a Totoro badge and it was at that point I figured I should also probably watch the movie.

If you would like to go have a gander at their other awesome merch over at Black Bunni  you can click here. What anime merch have you purchased this year that you are so glad that you did? I would love to know! Please tell me in the comments below. 🙂

This is all me and I did purchase the hoodie, this was not a sponsored post. I like helping fellow fans find reliable and decent stores where they can find merchandise since I know the struggle of searching for these stores.



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    1. I know right! That’s why I had to show it on. When I saw it it was on a mannequin so I didn’t get the flat look, which honestly if I had I probably would have walked away from it.


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