Belated welcome to 2017!

Wowie the first week of 2017 has already come and basically gone! Time truly flies by and gets away from us. However if it is already running away from me I am worried about how quickly the rest of this year will go by.

As it is I am late in releasing the anime calendars for this year, they are still coming I promise! I am also late in the New Anime post for January 2017, by the way there are a lot of new anime coming out this month. Check out my Twitter or Facebook page to know what is coming out on each day as I will announce them.

Then I have also hopelessly failed the anime challenge that I tried. The end of 2016 was even more hectic than I had originally anticipated and on top of that my internet access was severely limited, hence why I was quiet basically everywhere.  Not that I am trying to make excuses, they are my legitimate reasons.

So I thought I would let you all know what I am planning for 2017. I would love to get your feed back!

Firstly I so need a schedule vlcsnap-2017-01-04-16h09m50s18.pngto keep All About Anime active and alive as well as to get my personal life back on track. I have basically hit a lazy slump and as much as it bugs me to sit and do basically nothing for hours on end I just can’t seem to shake it and before I know it the day is gone and I have done nothing noteworthy or worthwhile with my time. So how does this relate to AAA? Simple, I have tried work a schedule for the blog where I don’t have two reviews back to back but to rather have a review, lyrics, and other posts so that it is not all the same thing continuously. However I have decided to scrap that plan. It was too limiting. I have had reviews pilling up for a while that I have not posted because I did not have a post for in between them. So now I shall just schedule my posts basically in order that they have been written and just let the order of posts just happen naturally.

Secondly since I have been so lazy vlcsnap-2016-11-10-20h48m40s138.pngand immobile I
have noticed that I seem to have developed TB (Typist Bum). Plus other areas are also starting to get broader and that terrifies me. My mother just shakes her head saying that it is due to my age and that I am now getting my ‘true shape’. I refuse to accept this. I have also read on many blogs that as a resolution for this year, people want to get healthier. I would like to create a feature on here on AAA called ‘Otaku Moves’ dedicated to getting myself and others like myself moving. It will all have an anime and manga twist and I am not a fan of exercise but I need to do something about my TB and this is one of the only ways. So I am planning of compiling two minute routines (which can be done during the opening and closing tracks of an anime) and I am also planning on altering my diet which mainly consists of sweets and fizzy drinks. Would you like to join me? I would like to make a proper movement for this where we can discuss our progress and failures together.

Thirdly I will be starting the quizzes up maxresdefault (1).jpgagain as we get closer to February, so if you have any ideas for
this I would love hear about them. Please feel free to e-mail me on Also I would like to start featuring Fan Art. So if you would like to participate please get in touch, either over my socials or via e-mail and I shall contact you back with more info.

Lastly I will be starting up with my anime dictionary again. As that is the segment of my blog that is uniquely mine. It is one of the features that many had commented that they really enjoyed and liked. SO if you have any words or references relating to the otaku world that you don’t understand or feel that others should know drop me a line, once again on any of my socials or e-mail.

Please if you are contacting me just clearly let me know what it is in relation to! I am a people person and I love to converse so even if it has nothing to do with the above but you just wanna say hi, go for it! Who knows what wonderful conversations we could have and who knows what kind of kindred spirits we might be? I might be slow to respond at times so please be patient with me, but I will respond as soon as I am able to!

Thanks for sticking with me! Wishing all of you a wonderful and successful 2017! I look forward to hearing from you!

*I promise I will not reveal your info, this is a safe blog. I do not like my info being sold so I shall respect you and not sell yours.

Your thoughts?

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