Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

I originally read the manga for Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist and my curiosity lead me to searching for the anime which I was happy to discover actually existed. I had high hopes for seeing how they managed to bring the characters and story to life.

  • Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: September 2013
  • Animation Studio: Dogakobo
  • Japanese Title: 魔界王子 devils and realist


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The story follows William Twining, a rich, spoiled, know it all suddenly finds himself bankrupt after learning that his tuition for school has not been paid yet. Returning home he learns that his uncle in charge of caring for his finances has been made bankrupt after a business failed. The manor had been picked clean by debt collectors. Desperate to find something to sell for his tuition William starts searching the manor with his butler, Kevin. William finds a locked door in the basement and forces it open. Unknown to him he accidentally summons a demon, (Dantalion, the Grand Duke of Hell, commander of the 36 armies of Hell) and learns that he is the Elector. He is the only human alive who has the right to choose the next interim ruler of hell since Lucifer is sleeping. Not only that, he is also a direct descendant of Solomon, the wisest human who had ever lived. As a firm believer in science and a hard core realist, William rejects all of it claiming there must be a plausible explanation like a secret room underneath his basement. How will William carry on his normal everyday life with demons trying to force him to pick an interim ruler, an occult obsessed friend and angels trying to steal him from the grips of hell?

My thoughts:

A full on angels vs. demons anime that leaves you wondering who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Some are pretty obvious in their roles of good guy and bad guy while others are not. There are times where you forget that some of the demons are demons and some are nephilliam. Meaning that they were once human and sold their souls and committed heinous crimes (which is kind of glossed over) and then became demons after their death. This is an anime where you need to pay attention to know what is going on. I can’t decide if this is a light hearted anime or an intense one with light hearted episodes placed perfectly to break up the tension. While watching this I could not help but feel sympathy for Kevin and Dantalion. William seems only concerned with finding a way to make money to survive his tuition. He looks for get rich quick ploys, a scholarship, getting a patron, basically anything so that he does not need to rely on Dantalion who had paid for his tuition. In the anime I am not fan of William all the while fan-girling and shipping Dantalion and William hard. The characters are diverse and entertaining. There are so many questions being weaved into the story that I find never get a proper satisfactory answer. The anime seemed as if it was made purposefully to make you go and pick up the manga. Unless they are planning on making a second season, if so I will happily watch it. I was slightly disappointed with the anime, compared to the manga (which shouldn’t really happen) it was missing something. I much preferred the manga where I usually get enjoyment from both the anime and manga. I would recommend this to someone who is happy to watch for the humour and action over actual story line or if someone is looking for a story of angels vs demons. Otherwise it does not place highly on my recommendation list to watch. However the manga is an entirely different story.

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Your thoughts?

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