Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Scrolling through my twitter feed after accidentally hitting on #FairyTail I stumbled across a tweet saying that the next season will be aired Spring 2017. Then further scrolling it was revealed that it is actually the 2nd Fairy Tail Movie! Okay, so is it real? Or is this another well played hoax to get the fans excited? I put on my detective cap and started digging. Here us what I found out.

I found the Fairy Tail wiki page – which is fan powered – and it basically had nothing to offer me other than the animation studio. So I popped over onto A-1 Pictures web page to see what I could find. Since we are already in the Winter season, spring is not too far away so there must be some form of information there right? I browsed their news feed as well as their works page. I went back all the way till June in their history. I found nothing there. No mention, no hints and I think if they had this in the works, it would have been announced somewhere on their website. However I checked their up coming works for 2017 and found some awesome releases coming but still no Fairy Tail.



Even after all of that, the fan based wiki might have got the animation studio wrong. So onto plan B! It has been rumoured that Hiro Mashima  (the mangaka) tweeted about it. So I went back to twitter and started scrolling through his twitter feed and man this guy tweets a lot of awesome Fairy Tail art! I made Google translate work hard. Although I did find the rumoured tweet quite easily! Which has made me so friggen happy! If you wanna find it yourself click here.


Then just to clear all doubt I went onto Plan C I invaded GAGA’s web page. They are the distribution company. I didn’t find anything on their site so I carried onto their twitter page. Which still didn’t help. However I did manage to find this:


After all of that, I discovered that an official twitter page has been created for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. It has 3 tweets and over 5 000 followers! The twitter page is meant to keep us updated of what will be happening with the movie! It was on this page that I also found the rumoured tweet by Hiro on their twitter page as well.


So good news! Fairy Tail is really getting a second movie! Although I am still doubting the Spring release, I am hopeful though. We all know how a lot of the time our anime gets pushed back or delayed for one reason or another.

There has been no news as to what the movie will be about that I could find. I am really looking forward to this years anime releases!


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