2017 Calendars now up!

Here are the 2017 anime calendars that are free to download! I was up really late last night finishing them off. Sorry for them being slightly late but at late is better than never. I had a long list that I wanted to create but time was pressing so I have only been able to create the below calendars.

There are currently 7 anime calendars on offer:

Simply click on any of the titles above to see the calendar. Then click on each image and once it has loaded save. You can mix and match to create your own unique calendars.

If you have any other anime you would like me to make a calendar for, just let me know! Otherwise, have an amazing 2017!


11 thoughts on “2017 Calendars now up!

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  1. I’m sorry but these calendars are so lame. What were you thinking when you chose the images? Did you just roll a dice? C’mon man. These really sucks. Even a 10 year old do a better job. Such a waste of time


    1. I used screen grabs since I am not going to steal other peoples artwork. If you don’t like them then don’t use them, or make your own. Which then you can use what ever images you want to.


  2. Those bleach ones are for sure going to be up on my wall! 😍😍 But, i hope they turn out well after i get em printed though. And are you planning on killing me with the one for December. 😍😍 love em. Thanks.

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      1. Try get it printed at a shop, it’s what I do, they are usually reasonably priced and the quality is good for both the paper and ink.

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    1. I know right! I some how have to select only 12 for my own calendar. They should print well, every other one I have done has before now (^^,)

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