Killing Stalking, a twisted read

When I first heard what this was about I thought of Stephen King’s Misery and it appealed to me. I tend to enjoy the darker stories with a disturbing thread. However other than hobbling and being trapped this has nothing else in common with Misery. I was curious and had high hopes for a properly twisted read and this offered a whole lot more than I bargained for.

  • Mangaka: Koogi
  • Genre: Horror, Mature, Psychological, Webtoons, Yaoi
  • Volumes/Chapters: 14.5  chapters
  • Korean Title: Salhae Seutoking
  • Title Kanji: 살해 스토킹
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Is it ongoing? Yes
  • Does it have a series adaption? No


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Yoonbum is an outcast with a predisposition towards stalking those he loves. He doesn’t have the courage to speak to them and he does not want them to know. However, he wants to know everything about them. His current love is Sangwoo. He had gone to college with him and had by chance enlisted in the army with him as well. Yoonbum does nothing but watches from afar. After they leave the army they both go their separate ways. Yoonbum however, still wants to know more about Sangwoo. One day Yoonbum breaks into Sangwoo’s house and discovers his secret in the basement. Catching him red-handed, Sangwoo will not let him go. Now Yoonbum’s legs are both broken and his life is on the line. Will he escape with his life or will he be killed by the man he ‘loves’?

My Thoughts:

As mentioned this was so much more than I had ever bargained for or expected. To the point where I was horrified and quite disturbed with what I was reading and I have a high tolerance for these kinds of unusual stories. It was well done in the way it was put together even if some of the timing is jilted as you are suddenly seeing past events so that the ‘current time’ makes sense.

The art is done really well! The colour scheme suits the story and actions to a tee. The pacing of the plot is done well but with some of the aspects a little confusing and not fully explained. Sangwoo has quite a few screws loose with both daddy and mommy issues. Which in all fairness I don’t really blame him, although his ‘coping mechanism’ is a tad extreme. Yoonbum also could not pass for a full deck of cards (if you’ve read chapter 14, you’ll get it), He hasn’t had it easy either which when put together just exploded. The dynamics of their relationship is clearly dominant and subservient. I don’t mean in the S&M kind of way, I mean in the master and slave kind of way.

Sangwoo gets enjoyment out of tormenting and abusing Yoonbum, which in turn leads to Yoonbum desperately trying to please Sangwoo to avoid ‘punishment’. Which means he will also do anything to keep Sangwoo happy; from cleaning to sexual favours, all in order not to be returned to the dark and cold basement.

It is clearly an abusive dynamic that these two have going. The way Yoonbum works so hard not to displease Sangwoo is a very common element in real life abusive relationships, from watching what you say to even how you act and always trying to gauge the other person’s mood. However, just like in real life the abuser has their kind moments. Times where they are not a complete monster. It is those moments that truly taint and warp the mind of the abused. The way the mangaka has managed to portray the full extent of this dynamic really impresses me and really gets to me even if it is warped. Even the way that Yoonbum fantasises of ways to escape, ways to free himself but won’t do it because he is too afraid and for some of it, he can’t find the will.

Would I recommend this? I would but very selectively. This is one of those that should come with the warning ‘not for sensitive viewers’ or in this case, readers.

This has also flared up a debate on whether this romanticizes abuse and there is a controversy over the two main characters and whether they have a relationship or not. Unfortunately, I am starting to lean towards the side saying they do. However, it is far cry from love, trust, understanding or anything resembling a healthy relationship. This is a relationship based purely on dominance, dependency and a twisted possession which makes for a very negative and dark relationship. It has nothing to do with love; there is no room for love. The whole relationship is a power struggle that on the one hand is clearly dominated by Sangwoo. I am really concerned about the people who are romanticizing this couple. I can only think that they romanticize it because:

  1. They have never been in an actual relationship
  2. They are in an abusive relationship and are hoping that Sangwoo and Yoonbum ‘work it out’
  3. They are depressed
  4. They themselves want to dominate or be completely dominated/owned. Once again not in the S&M way.

If there is any other reason, I fail to see it. In all honesty, I hope Yoonbum changes the way this seems to be going. I hope he is just focusing on survival and not giving in. I hope he grows a pair and figures a way out of his situation and manages to turn his life around and pull it out of the current downward spiral it has been.


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  1. I’m not really interested in checking this out (not because I’m not into dark and twisted stories–I very much welcome it), but because I’m not really a fan of Korean manhwa. I often ask myself if it’s really a worthy read, but seeing your post kind of changed my mind, so I’ll check it out one of these days. And you saying that you’re against romanticizing this manga put my hopes up in the yaoi fandom in general. Liking and criticizing a manga that you like can definitely go hand in hand, especially the ones with issues like this. They shouldn’t be glorified.
    P.S.: Found your blog via Two Happy Cats.

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    1. Hiya! No worries, thank you for recommenting just in case 👍. I am reading a few webtoons at the moment. Sirens Lament is good and so is Noblesse. If looking for Yaoi I would suggest A man like you and What lies at the end. They are all a good read.

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      1. Ooh, I really like Siren’s Lament. I’m not the biggest fan of Noblesse though. (Don’t hate me please…) I’m actually not a big fan of Yaoi; it’s sorta like with romance in general, I don’t care for it when it’s the big focus, but if written well or if the characters are good, that’s okay. Nah, I’m just a big psychological thriller fan, and I’ve heard a lot about this one. And which website do you read these from? Thanks!

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      2. No stress, each has their own opinion and preferences. I really want to know how they will break the curse in Siren’s Lament! Psychological thrillers are awesome! Any you would recommend?

        I read them on my phone from an app. I now use MangaBird but here is a post I did previously with other apps you can use with their direct links to google play: I also use the webtoon app on my phone.

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      3. I know! That story is becoming kinda stressful…instantmiso is such a good writer and artist! Hmm…for psychological thrillers, the first one that comes to mind is Bastard. That one genuinely stresses me out so much sometimes I can only skim the pages. Another would be Distant Sky, but that one’s sorta random and isn’t for everyone.
        Thank you for the app suggestion! I get my Webtoons from the Webtoon app. So thanks!

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  2. I’ve been seeing this around everywhere, including the debates on romanticizing abuse. Your review especially has got me interested since this seems like a gripping, if also disturbing, read.

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      1. Well, it kind of looks like one or two of the shows I’ve picked up this season I’ll be dropping soon so if that happens, I will probably go and check this out.

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  3. Though this manhwa doesn’t have much narrative heft (yet), I find the dynamic between Yoonbum and Sangwoo morbidly interesting. I also like the way the comic shatters any form of positive expectations and goes with its own flow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this manhwa.

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  4. Maybe I have a twisted mind, but I really enjoyed what I read so far.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like seeing Sangwoo playing with Yoonbum the way he does, but the story is really interesting. I’m really curious to see how it’s gonna end.

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  5. Thanks for a really amazing analysis of the webtoon. I read it a few days ago, and have to say, I’m still trying to work out my feelings about it.

    I kind definitely see WHY there is a debate on whether it is romanticising abuse or not – based on the way it is marketed. The series is listed and marketed as a Boys Love/Yaoi series, which I feel inherently projects the idea that the series is romantic. So because of it’s categorisation ,and what you said above, I do agree that it does romantise abuse.

    However, once they actually read the series, I really hope readers can see how there’s no romance in the story whatsoever.I have a feeling that the series will develop into some really sick co-dependence story – Yoobum has a constant need to attach to people (he consistently stalks his love interests) while Sangwoo, well, we all know what Sangwoo is like. But there’s nothing romantic about it, every interaction between them is just so sick and unhealthy. Especially that scene with the chin, I just felt my heart break, and my stomach just sunk.

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    1. I know! This went way beyond what I was expecting and breaks my heart because I also see the co-dependence setting in. I’m not sure if it is romanticizing or trying to illustrate the backwards logic of an abusive relationship. Thanks for your thoughts on this! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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