Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 4

By now most of us have heard of a burpee somewhere along the line. However not all know what exactly a burpee is or how much goes into it. This challenge is quite well, challenging. Can you do a burpee?

The challenge:

#OtakuMoves Burpee.jpg

Do 10 Burpees

How To do a burpee:

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart and with your arms down at your sides.
  2. Lower into a squat position with your hands flat on the floor in front of you.
  3. Kick your legs out behind you into the straight arm plank position.
  4. Lower your chest to the floor.
  5. Push your chest back up.
  6. Thrust both feet forward so that you are back in the squat position.
  7. Jump up straight raising your hands above your head.

Reps: 10

Tips for doing a burpee:

  • To make it easier, instead of jumping into the plank position you can step one leg out at a time. Same with going back into a squat position.
  • Pace yourself, go at the pace you are comfortable. Injuries occur when people go too fast.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Arching your back as you come out of the burpee.
  • Keep looking straight ahead as you jump.

Why do a burpee?

Burpees are a full body work out. One move that seriously works almost muscle in the body. That means burning more calories in less time! Burpees boost your strength and endurance which will help with everyday activities.

  • A Naruto Pose
  • A selfie in your exercise clothes
  • A photo doing one of the moves
  • A before and/after pic

Any who, good luck with the challenge and remember to record your progress and share it with the #OtakuMoves! How was/is this challenge for you?


Your thoughts?

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