Otaku Moves: Week 2 Reflection

This week had a little more structure but it was still tough. The two challenge days I really dreaded doing. On the up side at least I am slowly getting into a routine to do all this with. So shall we look at how this past week has been?

Day 1

I had been nagging the boyfriend to join me for quite a while and he eventually caved. Then I showed him the exercise for day one which he promptly refused to do. So he did push-ups (I tried and could not even do a single one!) He challenged me to do one so I had to try! Although I stuck to my original plan after that and found it so easy it was basically laughable.


Day 2

Tuesday I was not looking forward to the squat challenge. For a variety of reasons, the main reason being that I suck at them. I can happily and easily do them in high heels though. I tend to lose my balance while I am rising out of the squat. So there I was with the boyfriend, who I forced to do it with me, and attempted to do all 30 squats. We spent a lot of time correcting each other’s squats before we actually counted our 30. So I have no idea how much we actually did. My thighs pulled tight each time I did a squat and my lower back started to hurt near the end. I also lost my balance a lot much to the amusement of both my boyfriend and mother.

Day 3

This exercise was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. The Knee Fold Tuck really through me for a loop. I did not expect this to present any form of challenge. I was so surprised by how challenge it actually is. Same with the climbing rope, I thought it would be easy peasy, and it might have been easier if I had any upper body strength at all! The side balance crunch was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It was the easiest of all the moves which surprised me because of my ify balance. The circle plank killed my wrists and tummy!

So many thoughts and comments at that moment! Was so awkward haha!

Day 4

After day 3 I thought I might be a little stiff but luckily I was not. Then I bravely looked at what needed to be for a burpee and swore at myself. Why did I do this? Why did I ever think that a burpee was ever a good idea? Now I needed to do 10! I decided to do all 10 at once instead of breaking it up throughout the day. Decided it was better to just get it over and done with. So I did 5. It was a lot friggen harder than I had ever expected and I did this incredibly slower and with each one I took longer and longer to do it. The push up part? Yea that kicked my butt as mentioned before, I can’t even do one full proper push up! So yea I ended up breaking it up into two reps of 5 instead of all 10 at once. My wrists are not happy with me. They are not kidding when they say full body! Even the boyfriend looked at me as if saying wtf are you making me do.

Who ever came up with the burpee was just plain evil!



Well with that week 2 is officially done! How was week 2 for you?

I Tried

3 thoughts on “Otaku Moves: Week 2 Reflection

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  1. I haven’t done a burpee since I graduated high school a few years ago and I will never do it again. Too painful… I’m glad that you’re exercising. That’s so good! ^^

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    1. First time I have ever done a burpee. Can understand why people do it. However I fully understand not doing it agan. The next day is not what I would call fun

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