Kings’ Viking: Two for the Road

Chapter 13 finally saw the end of the current issue. Warning this is a chapter analyse post so it is riddled with massive spoilers!

Koreda asks Sakai-san to get him just 10 minutes on the super computer, which tied in with what Sakai tried to get in the previous chapter. After Sakai agrees to push for the ten minutes Koreda needs an hour to still write the program that he needs. While he works on the coding for the program we see a flash back from when Katou use to work with . Sakai-san in the meantime had managed to get permission to use the super computer for 10 minutes. Koreda also manages to finish writing the program in under an hour.

Using Koreda’s program and the super computer they manage to figure out the laptop’s password. As they suspected the password came from ‘Garnet’. Once they have the password it is confirmed that the team will be able to complete their work on time.

After completing this task Koreda finally realises that he is not alone and he has figured out what his ‘new job’ will be.


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