Noragami: Negation

After a long silence we finally have chapter 72 and it was worth the wait. Warning this is a chapter analyse post so it is riddled with massive spoilers!

It is Daikou’s turn to face the Ritual of Covenant to decide whether Heaven is right or wrong. Thankfully Daikou is spared and with that it is proven that Heaven was in the wrong and it puts an end to the fight against Bishamon and Yato.

Everyone is pardoned for all that has transpired. Yukine is then released from his seal and finally let back into the light. After the ordeal everyone celebrates at Kofuku’s and Daikou’s shop, with Yato acting as a waiter. The group start to speculate why Bishamon would risk going to war with heaven. When the conversation turns towards the sorcerer Yato advices that if the others see him they should just run away without explaining anything more.

Yato goes upstairs and finds Hiyori about to leave and Yukine sleeping. Hiyori says that Yukine wanted to see the sky which makes Yato wonder if that was due to him being confined or because of his past from when he had still been alive. We see a flash of Yukine’s past but it is unclear if it is Yato or Yukine seeing it.

We learn Bishamon is still unconscious and Yukine goes off to find Kazuma. While looking for Kazuma he gets trapped and panics. Yato quickly rescues him.


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