Vampire Library: 12

After what seemed like eternity we finally got chapter 12, but the chapter was not long enough for me. Warning this is a chapter analyse post so it is riddled with spoilers!

Louis goes looking for Mano and asks Carvel where he is. Sensing that he is asleep Carvel and Louis go to Mano’s room. Upon arrival Louis knocks down Mano’s bedroom door and they discover he is not there. Carvel now tries to contact him telepathically. Mano is drunk and refuses to tell him where he is.

Mano then realises he is in a club full of vampires. When he tries to leave the private room and escape the vampire he is with. He discovers that the club is currently hosting a ‘carnival’ and as such cannot leave unless he is willing to risk being torn apart.  Meanwhile Carvel and Louis are searching all the clubs to find Mano. When they reach the last club they recognise the symbol marking it as a vampire club. Once there Carvel stubbornly refuses to save Mano until Mano asks (a.k.a begs) him specifically for help. All the while a gourmet is making their move on Mano to devour him.

Finally Mano calls for Carvel. It is then revealed that the gourmet and Louis know each other. However the reunion is interrupted by the arrival of the cleaning service, *Hunter.


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