Noragami: If You Can Hear My Cry

Chapter 73 of Noragami was a nice short and quick paced story. A nice break from the long arc which had just ended. This is a chapter analyis so there are bound to be spoilers. You have been warned! Otherwise if you don’t really care, are just curious or you are keeping up with the story, I hope you enjoy!

Yato, Hiyori and Yukine are sitting together and life has returned to normal, mostly. Yato is keeping a really close eye on Yukine which is worrying Hiyori. She susspects it has to do with ‘God’s Greatest Secret’.

Suddenly Yato gets a phone call from the young Ebisu letting him know he has been kidnapped and the ransom is one billion yen. Yato then rushes to find Kunimi (Ebisu’s Guide Post). Upon learning that Ebisu is kidnapped, Kunimi tries to make a deal with Ebisu that in order for him to rescue him, everyone at the company gets three months of vacation time. Which Ebisu rejects because the request was made over the phone and not face to face. He then declares he will just make the ransom money himself.

Ebisu hangs up before Yato can teleport to him, so Hiyori rushes off to see if she can find him. While she is looking, Kunimi explains that the ‘company’ is experiencing a personal shortage due to the fact that there are no off days at all. So everyone is starting to feel the stress which will in turn sting their master, Ebisu.

Kunimi speaks of his past where we get a flash back of his ‘god’ dying making him a Nora forced to find another god. He then gets work with Ebisu. He has since watched many different Ebisu’s as each one grows, dies and reincarnates. He then says he wishes he was not the guide post because it is such a heavy burden. To which Yato calls him a crazy fool. He also makes Kunimi realise that Ebisu relies on him and needs him.

Hiyori mangaes to find Ebisu and the kidnappers. Yato telleports over imeadiately and goes in to rescue Ebisu by taking down the kidnappers. One of the kidnappers then threatens to kill Ebisu. However Kunimi manages to rescue Ebisu.

Ebisu then agrees to give only one day off every month because Kunimi had been late. He also gives Yato a reward. Then Yato and Yukine briefly discuss his nightmares which Yukine says because Yato is in  them they are actually good dreams.


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