King’s Viking: Mack the Knife

Chapter 14 starts off arc 4. This is a chapter analysis so expect spoilers! You have been forewarned. I enjoyed this chapter and the flustered side of Koreda.

It starts off with a group of hackers/crackers discussing who shall join the group. Those in the online discussion comment on what type of crimes they have committed and whether they have done any time in prison or not. The aim is to put together a specialized group of hackers to target certain companies.

Koreda finally knows what he wants to do and when Sakai-san meets up with him he explains his concept. He wants to start a company where they screen the security of company software to find the ‘holes’ in the security. Then develop a program for each company that will completely protect the company’s software from all forms of attacks from Trojans to straight out viruses. Koreda plans to use his cracker ability to do this.

Sakai-san fully supports him and sets up a meeting with a manufacturing company for Koreda and makes him go alone. It is now sink or swim time for Koreda as he listens to what the company is doing to protect their software and confidential data.

However despite their counteractive measures the company’s machinery it taken over so they no longer have control. Koreda then tries to fight the hackers but is surprised by something. Meanwhile Sakai-san tries to figure out what is their objective.


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