Fairy Tail: The Strongest Wizard

Chapter 521 finally sees Fairy Tail’s counter attack. Being a chapter analysis there are going to be a few spoilers! As such you have been warned. Even though I have done this I would still recommend reading the manga, reading the chapter will still be worthwhile and enjoyable.

The Fairies have rallied and are renewed now that their town is back to normal. Mavis orders the troops around. Lisana and Elfman are about to defeat Ajeel but his grandfather steps in and begs them to spare his grandson’s life. Brandish says good bye to Natsu and Lucy. She leaves after making it clear she is not their enemy but will also not be their ally.

Of the twelve Spriggan, there is only one left, Zeroid. Not caring for his own allies, he makes his move and starts his attack. However the timely arrival of Gildarts saves everyone, although he does destroy the church.

“Whoops! I destroyed the church.”

Natsu starts to make his way towards Zeref while Lucy wonders where Gray is. Zeref is waiting in Fairy Tail’s hall and is surprised to see that Gray is the first to arrive. He had expected either Jellal or Laxus. Zeref offers up an apology to Natsu as he looks at Gray.


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      1. I hope that they don’t bring back “Demon Iced Shell” or something, but it would be fun to see Gray trying to use Iced Shell and everyone stopping because they don’t want him to die, or Zeref, very easily countering Iced Shell, leaving Gray nothing left…. But I’m quite sure that Gray’s going to give us a good show of his strength in the next few chapters. Can you follow me back?

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