What Lies At The End chapter 24

Oh wow, this was such a borderline gay chapter! Just like a lot of the others with so many ‘so close’ moments. Otherwise this chapter is finally moving us forward and I can’t wait to see how this will all be handled and what the future holds for these two! This is a chapter analysis so expect some spoilers! Still for full effect read the chapter!

So what happened??

Back in the present day Taemin rushes to meet Woojin at a coffee shop since Woojin promised that he would only answer Taemin’s questions if he arrives on time.
Taemin wants to know who is spreading the rape video around and wants to know who filmed it. Woojin then wants to know what Taemin plans to do with that information. Taemin wants to stop the spreading of the video otherwise he feels something more irritating will happen.
Woojin calls him a liar but says he will help him anyway. He says he will crush they guy or his anger will never go away. He does not like seeing Taemin get beaten up because of another guy. He then explains that Taemin does not need to do anything more than be next to him.
Taemin does not like that plan, it makes him feel like he is dragging Woojin in unnecessarily. When he tries to leave Woojin stops him, questioning whether Taemin meant it when he said he would take everything he had to give.
When they left the coffee shop, they were recognized by one of their classmates.


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