Fairy Tail: Dark Future

Chapter 524 of Fairy Tail had me entrapped and so absorbed! Remember that this is a chapter analysis so yes there are spoilers involved. So awesome to have another chapter out so soon after the double chapter!

So what all happened this chapter?

Acnologia has just arrived on the scene. He goes to Irene and calls her both his mother and his sin and attacks her body which horrifies Wendy and Erza.

Natsu and Zeref start fighting in the guild hall. However their fight is briefly interrupted as they all sense the power of Acnologia nearby. Zeref declares that this is his final chance for him and humanity and that they have run out of time.

Cana attacks August with Fairy Magic, Fairy Glitter, after she hears their reason for attacking Fairy Tail. She argues that it is just conquering. August takes no damage, after which he asks how do Cana and Guildarts feel about one another as father and daughter.
Then he asks what emotions will be shown after a child is killed in front of the parent.


Your thoughts?

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