Fairy Tail: Will Fate Burn?

Oh my word chapter 523 of Fairy Tail! What will happen with Gray and his Lost Iced Shell? This is a chapter analysis so yes there are spoilers involved. So lucky to have a double chapter release!

So what all happened?

Zeref is surprised and wonders briefly where Gray had learned the lost attribute. It is revealed that with the lost attribute, the Iced Shell will be one hundred times stronger. Zeref tries to talk Gray out of it by saying one day the ice would melt but Gray does not care, explaining that it will be their win.

“It’s Fairy Tail’s Win”

At the last moment Natsu arrives and forcibly stops Gray. Natsu and Gray have a touching reunion where Gray explains he no longer has a place in the guild and Natsu says neither does he. Then Natsu asks tearfully if they are friends. Then he demands that Gray stop thinking about dying and that he must live.

Zeref then goes on to explain that it is Natsu’s fate that even if he wins or loses he will still die and that Natsu should just accept it. Wendy has managed to somewhat heal Erza and they start making their way to the guild when Acnologia arrives in his human form.


Your thoughts?

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