Man Crush Monday: Kang Jinha

Not so long ago I started reading A Man Like You and the first impressions of Kang Jinha were not what you would call good. He was mysteriously in the dream, moody and arrogant.  So how did he become my Man Crush Monday? Well simply put, his perseverance. As the series goes on it is shown quite clearly that he has earned being arrogant. He can honestly live up to expectations and go way beyond them.

I felt sorry for him when it was revealed that most people would just leave the group work and projects to Kang Jinha. All because they could not openly communicate with him, also because they could not meet his standards for the work. Which yea, he is not the best ‘team player’ but he does have a point that it is also his grades, so why must he suffer because they are not willing to put in the effort and do the work properly? I can completely relate. Group work could be fun at school but the group members are important. Even though he has issues with the people he works with in groups he still tries to get them involved, and then only after that does he (get left to) do the assignments on his own.

Plus his loyalty and commitment to his friend was astounding, even keeping a picture drawn for him when he was still really young. All he wanted was to reconnect and pick their friendship up from where they left off so many years earlier. He just wanted his friend to accept him for who he is. My heart breaks for him as he watches his friend who does not know who he is, nor pay attention to him. I don’t want to spoil the story so I am being a little vague here, but after a certain event (thanks to a lot of alcohol) his friend did not remember anything and went back to ignoring him. Which left Kang Jinha thinking that he was being avoided on purpose and hated. Which makes sense why he is so short when working with his childhood friend’s now best friend.

Even though there are some personality flaws, he is a good guy. There were many times where things could have and were going really bad but he stopped himself purely because he could not stand what he was doing to the person he loved. He even rushes off to take his friend to hospital when he realised something was not right.

Plus just look at him:


Yea he def fits into my 2D guy type. I like that he is capable and actually feels his emotions although he has a good poker face. His past is messed up but he has pulled himself forward and has truly become a capable person while still handling all his drama.

My 2 cents, he adults like a boss. The world thinks he has his life together and all planned out and that it is all going well without actually knowing the storm within. I honestly can not wait to see how his character develops as the story continues.

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