Woman Crush Wednesday: Kaori Fujimiya

I can not imagine the strength that she possessed. To wake up and smile and carry on. Okay so techincally it is not a crush more like envy. The way she still had optimism and hope to get out of bed everyday. Also the way she managed to bring colour back to Kousei’s world was really great. Even though her own world was rocky and uncertain.

Image result for your lie in april characters kaori

Plus the way she can play the violin is really amazing! As soon as she starts she becomes incredibly focused and seems to become a different person completely.

I wish I could play as half as well as her or even have half the heart. She truly is incredible and I really do envy her. The way she really lives life to her fullest capability even with everything going on. She does not give up or let it interfere with chasing after her dream. Plus she is one of few characters that I know of that changes clothes and hair style in a short anime!

Image result for your lie in april characters kaori


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