L.L.L Lyrics

I have had this sitting in my edits folder for a while now. I also have it on my phone and when it plays I always crank up the volume. I finally managed to upload it to YouTube. L.L.L. was composed and preformed by Myth & Roid as the ending credit song for the first season of Overlord.

The Song:

The Lyrics:

Don’t you give me your love and passion?

Believe in love, even though
There’re borders and disturbance and more
I’m the only one who loves you
Because I’m crazy about you

Let’s ride to hell.   I’ll serve you and go
If it means we will be together, I wish we could die
Beyond the line, there is no ending
I swear, I’m gonna be so fxxking grateful

Blessing word, you are supreme
I follow your orders loyally, Your highness
You give orders, I won’t give you to anyone
You are the most treasured existence

You don’t know why my love is crying
I want to adhere, to the point of excessiveness
I want eternity, Don’t wanna cry
I’m about to go crazy with my jealous delusions

Don’t you give me your love and passion?
Love is riotous impulse, let go
Instinct over spirit, I demand more of your heart
I don’t want to live in a world without you
Any future other than you, kill it, kill it
I would be happy to kill it for my love

I’m laughing now, if you’re mine
It’s like a paradise and heaven and more
You are the only man who I love in my life and destiny and all

Don’t you give me your love and passion?
I know the border. It should be wrecked, go

Yea the lyrics give the idea of obsession which does fit with parts of the anime. I also like how much of this song is actually in English. I was hooked the moment it started. What do you think of this ending song?

If you have any anime intro or ending songs that you would like featured in a similar post let me know.


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