Top 5 Anime Vampires

I could not help but write this post after it popped into my mind. I started obsessing over it and went through the anime I have watched and there are a lot of vampires and my list really became a long one. So I needed to narrow it down by a lot. The below list is my personal top 5, chosen simply because they appealed to me.

5) Evangeline

From: Mahou Sensei Negima!

Cocky and intelligent, she appealed to me straight away. Attacking her fellow students and drinking their blood and confident enough to basically brag about it. Although I cannot really blame her, she has been trapped on the school premises for a really long time. How would you feel? Even though she does change throughout the series I am glad that she did not loose her ‘I am better than you’ attitude.

4) Mika

From Owari no Seraph

Starting off as a human living as ‘live stock’ he devises a plan to escape the city and free his family. Only not all goes according to plan. On death’s door he watches his best friend run away and before he can die he is saved by being turned into a vampire, the very thing he had hoped to escape.  This tragic vampire wormed his way into my heart. He is usually quiet and level headed, except for when it comes to his ‘brother’. He is completely obsessed with his ‘brother’ and wants nothing more than for it to be just the two of them. His dedication to family is admirable although there is no question that being turned into a vampire has changed the way he views the world. His stubbornness and refusal to drink blood also impressed me, the way he had managed to keep his will power basically almost to the end! Honestly loved the blue eyes but the red isn’t all that bad either!

3) Akatsuki Kojou

From: Strike The Blood

Lazy, not interested in school and hesitant to be what he truly is. At first he did not really match my idea of a ‘vampire’. He seemed rather meek and had absolutely no desire or will to drink blood. Then he actually reveals how strong he really is and I can’t help but become a fan. Being the Fourth Primogenitor with many XXX under his control, it was amusing to see him drink blood and release one strong one after another. It makes me want to see when he has all of them fully available to him. I would love to see how strong he really is.

2) Shalltear Bloodfallen

From: Overlord

Overly conscious of her bust size, snarky attitude but still very confident with herself. So much attitude packed into her tiny body, I love it! I especially enjoyed the way she ‘plays’ with her prey before she finishes them off. Some she gives the chance to face her, others she annihilates completely. It was amusing to watch her blood lust rival her devotion to her lord. I was honestly surprised to see how powerful she was when she had the all out battle although a little disappointed at how she lost. It was great to see a vampire with the attitude to go with it.

1) Alucard

From Hellsing

Who else could it be other than Alucard for my number one vampire? Completely over powerful, intelligent and just so charismatic. Alucard ticked basically all of the boxes. He drinks blood, enjoys killing and loves the night. Plus the VA wasn’t too bad either. Also taking into the account that he is basically immortal with long hair I can’t look away. He is the show. I don’t really know many people who watch Hellsing for the plot, which on the whole is good, the people I know (including myself) watch it for him. He just puled everything together and made it work.

Now that you know my top 5 I would love to know yours! Please let me know in the comments below. (^^,)


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  1. Cool list. I like Mika a lot. It’s kind of embarrassing but a guilty pleasure of mine I do like Zero from Vampire knight. Haha 😂

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