It finally happened!

After many years of struggling and then many months of nagging I finally have what I have longed for. No more trying to link my laptop to my phone, or even posting from my phone and having dodgy post layouts and spelling. After a disastrous and long installation it was finally done.

Yup that’s right, I finally have an ADSL line!

Now to most that does not seem like a major victory or accomplishment but for me it really is. If you have been around and reading my blog you will know by now the struggle I have had trying to be consistent and I have moaned quite a bit about the awkward interference I have had to battle. Well no more!

It is the first time I ignored my father (it had to be done) made a plan with my mother and just went ahead and did it. This is the very first thing on my name that will build a credit rating and since I have had an income since 16, the fact I still don’t have any credit rating at all (my score is literately 0) seven years on is somewhat impressive.

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I can now actually get some form of solid plan in my life and schedule my time effectively. I have free access to an internet line so if I want to watch anime I can. If I want to read manga I can. I no longer have to worry about my phone data running out. The simple pleasures in life can often bring the most joy.

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For once I will be using more data but spending less money.  I was spending around R700 a month for as little as 6 gigs. Yea that was an insane amount for such a little amount of data and it was all on my phone. So if I wanted to connect on the laptop I needed to set my phone as a hotspot and that had its own set of complications. Now I will be spending less than half of that for my line and the data on my phone since I can now lessen what will be done on my phone!

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I no longer need to leach internet from le boyfriend on the last day of every month, although I might miss our ‘date-night’. Now he will be coming over to use mine whenever he has a game update or massive patch to download. The joy of me having an uncapped line.

I can seriously think about and consider starting up and maintaining a YouTube channel. You guy’s won’t mind vids of me in my Pj’s and dressing gown right?  😛

SO yea, even though this was not strictly anime related, I just had to share! But typically the first weekend I have free access to the internet and I can raid it, I was stuck house sitting and then having issues with my PC. However now it is all sorted and I can officially start using my line like my father, mother and boyfriend have been doing.


Your thoughts?

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