Bleach has a rock musical!

Where has this gem been hiding? When I was asked by a friend if I had watched this I was instantly intrigued. I also doubted, was this just a fan done thing? Was I just being messed with? Then I was sent the link (as good friends do 😋 ) which I immediately had to follow and to my utter amazement there it was.

Bleach Rock Musical: Another Flame

Here is the link if you wanna watch it. It is over two hours long just so you are aware. Another piece of advice, you must have watched or read Bleach before watching this otherwise the jumping story line will probably throw you off completely.

At first when I saw Ichigo’s hair I though this is going to be a load of rubbish but I persevered. I found strangely enough that I was actually enjoying this. The costumes were decent (If we ignore Ichigo’s hair).

I’m glad they quickly progressed the story and did a short and sweet summery in the beginning.  I can’t believe they animated -got people to play – Rukia’s infamous bad ‘explanation’ drawings! Plus I was glad to see that Orihime was appropriately awkward.

The con’s

  • MISSING CHARACTERS, okay I know Bleach alone has a massive array of characters so not introducing everyone is all good. However missing one of the core group members?
  • You need to know the story and well. If not for already knowing Bleach this would not have made sense. There is a lot where they just assume the audience knows what is happening, when it is happening and also why it is happening.
  • Some of it was really off key and for me to notice, it has got to be bad.
  • ‘Ichigo’ sweats a lot especially when compared with the rest of the cast close ups.

The Pro’s

  • I liked Urahara, quite a bit. The actor was great, his whole character matched seriously worked and brought the character to life.
  • The action and sound was on key which was also cool. I enjoyed the action scenes.
  • The end dancing and singing. If you are looking for a single reason to watch this, the end dances and songs are basically it. They are just an added bonus and not focused on the storyline. A really fun and quirky end.
  • They pulled the story off with a ‘fixed’ set and no backdrops at all. There were the odd effects in the background but on the whole there was just the characters and their few props.
  • They made use of what they had.

Overall I couldn’t help but smile. It brought back many good memories. The end made the entire show for me. Seeing certain characters dancing was priceless and I really laughed out loud at the sight. This show was so bad that it was good and I will be looking watching the next one. I have become obsessed. I want to watch all of them. I will collect them all – wrong franchise I know but still true.

Are you a Bleach fan? What do you think of there being a musical? Will you ever watch the musical or have you already seen it? I would love to know your thoughts! Please let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Oh, Burimyu. I didn’t watch nor read Bleach, but I’m familiar with this because it’s quite popular especially to those who follow Japanese stage plays. If you’re interested in watching the other stage play adaptations (e.g. Live Bankai Show Code 001/002/003, The All, Shinsei Bleach, etc.) and don’t mind DDL-ing them, just tell me because I can share the link to where you can find them. 🙂

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