Past week’s obsessions #03

Okay so I know that I have been quiet these past two weeks and technically this should be week 04 but so much has happened and I just did not have the energy for anything.


Akatsuki no Yona ~I watched just the first 4 episodes and so far I am rather impressed at how it is going. Glad that they are sticking to the original story.



  • Vampire Library chapter 15
  • Namaikizakari chapter 47
  • Lover Boy chapter 01-52
  • Bitter Nakechau Koi Monogatari
  • Love Like Crazy chapter 01-44
  • Running on Empty chapter  01-12
  • Only The Ring Finger Knows
  • Fairy Tail chapter 539
  • Vampire Game
  • Siren’s Lament chapter 70
  • The Gamer caught up from chapter 115 – 177
  • Battle through the heavens chapter 197
  • Hongganne chapter 01-56


Plus many, many more…

Blog Posts

I’ll admit I have been rather absent and have not read anything over the past two weeks…


  • Song: Rising Scars (Chained To The Rhythm)
  • Sung by: Katy Perry

So many powerful women in one place!

So you may be wondering where have I been? Well in one simple word, sick. I spent five straight days in bed waking to nibble some food, rolling over and going back to sleep. Hence why before I reached that point I had very little energy and just felt off. Then after ignoring it for so long my body eventually had had enough and forced a time out. So finally I am starting to feel human again but I am still not at my peak.


Your thoughts?

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